Thursday, 10 September 2009

Down under up here...

Last night's exercise was another good one. We had along some full time Coastguard employees from New Zealand who are, I think, here in the UK spending some time with the RNLI and our Coastguard learning how we do things. Part of this was to be brought over to Swanage by our old inspector Andy Whyte for a trip out to sea with a 'proper' crew.

Matt spent the first part of the exercise showing Nick how to use the drogue, which went well.

Cheryl, an area manger from the South Island of New Zealand, got to have a go at helming the boat.

And while we were there a truly spectacular sunset took place which showed our patch of to it's very best...I think the Kiwis were impressed by our scenery.

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Coastguard New Zealand said...

Thanks from Don, Chistine and Cheryl from Coastguard New Zealand, the RNLI Swannage Lifeboat Crew were fantastic taking us out, and letting us drive their Lifeboat. Cheryl, Regional Manager Coastguard NZ