Thursday, 19 March 2009

New wire

Much of our launching and recovery hardware has been replaced recently; We have new rollers on half of the slipway (the other half will be replaced soon), we have new strops for holding the boat during recoveries, we have also just had a replacement for out old winch wire fitted. This is a fantastic hi-tech piece of rope made from some exotic fibres (spectra I think). One real benefit of this new rope is that it is much lighter than the old one so is easier to rig up. It also won't corrode so doesn't require to be greased. Therefor the whole job of launching and recovering should be much cleaner and easier. Good news.

During last nights crew meeting both Andy Lyons and Mark Stuart were successfully signed off as having completed their probationary periods. They both work very locally so will be able to significantly enhance our day-time cover. Great stuff, well done lads and welcome.

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Unknown said...

Hi John, something that might be of interest,aerial photo's from a Kitecam of the New RNLI boathouse being built at Exmouth,
All the best, see you for Swanage lifeboat week. Simon in Nottingham