Wednesday, 11 March 2009


It never pays to under-estimate the amount of effort a lifeboat mechanic puts into attending to even the smallest of details. Our Oxygen and Entonox sets have just been replaced with new ones (composite bottles and different valves/masks) and no longer fit into the original stowages which are built into the boat below the Helmsman's and radar operator's seats. Consequently Dave has been occupying some of his time trying to re-arrange things. And this is what he has come up with:


Now that the new Entonox & Oxygen sets are in the fore-cabin this has left the two foot lockers in the wheelhouse (where the Entonox & Oxygen used to be) virtually empty. The one under the radar has the spare Entonox & Oxygen cylinders in, the other is empty.

In order to stop the spare gas cylinders rattling around and because it seemed sensible I have now put 2 of the 4 blankets carried on board (the other 2 are still in the locker by the main first aid kit) in the locker under the radar seat.

I have also put an orange survival bag in the bag with each of the blankets as it seemed a logical place to put them.

Any questions please ask or better still come and have a look on the boat to see what I mean.



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