Friday, 27 February 2009

We were only pretending

Unfortunately a few kind readers got the wrong end of the stick yesterday and assumed that Wednesday's excitement was a rather heroic rescue. Fortunately not, it was simply an attempt to try and convey some of the realism of the excellent scenario which we dealt with on exercise that night...just goes to show!

By the way. I've discovered what the problem with photos is. Each time a photo is uploaded to Blogger a copy is sent to a folder in Picasa which is also part of the Google stable of free online software (bear with me I'm not very techy). Apparently this has a limit of 1GB of free storage space and once this is exceeded you are no longer able to upload photos to Blogger. It seems as if I now need to pay $20 to upgrade my storage to 10GB. So, problem solved, normal service should be resumed in the next day or so.

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