Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Not to be left out

Our new Chairman has obviously been reading the blog and this morning decided not to be left out of the race to deliver Christmas cheer:

Dear All

Since becoming your Chairman last month, all that I have seen and heard has reinforced my belief, developed over the years I have been associated with the Institution, in the great commitment and drive of our volunteers and staff. As we reach the end of another very successful year, I would like to thank you, on behalf of the Trustees, for everything you have done to help our charity save lives at sea over the past 12 months.

Whatever your role, your efforts are sincerely appreciated, especially when set against the background of the economic crisis. No one can safely predict the length and breadth of this downturn, or how it will impact charitable giving. But one thing is certain: we have a challenging 2009 ahead and we will have to be both flexible and resilient.

As we enjoy the imminent Christmas celebrations, pause for a moment to reflect on our lifeboat crew members and station personnel. Not only will they be on call during Christmas week, but we can expect them to launch around 100 times in that time. Furthermore, the statistics suggest that while most of us are warm and comfortable on Christmas Day, at least five crews will be called away from their families to launch to someone's rescue. In that respect Christmas Day is just like any other day of the year and I am heartened that their commitment is matched by having the best preparation possible, thanks to all our supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and staff.

I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Admiral the Lord Boyce
RNLI Chairman

I see he remains without a first name, never-the-less, we are delighted that he has sent his best wishes and from us here in Swanage; Merry Christmas to you too Baron Boyce.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Cecil Boyce, according to Wikki:,_Baron_Boyce