Thursday, 11 December 2008

Festive exercise

Last nights exercise was a pretty cold affair. Nevertheless a large number of crew turned out and the time was spent well in both the ILB and the ALB.

Dave has been re-organising the deck-lockers where we stow all of the various ropes and lines on the boat. He briefed the crew on the new stowages and the reasoning behind each move.

The ILB went off an did it's own stuff for the most part. This included us putting 'Dead Fred' out to sea for them to find him. This they did easily and quickly.

We even had our own Christmas decorations on deck.

Down in the wheelhouse Gav, Tom and Steve spent time creating routes and setting up search patterns.

Meanwhile I was up on the USP with Oli doing some boat handling and driving. Very good he was too.

Apologies to Steve for the photos...

Then afterwards we had a crew-meeting. Nothing exciting to report except that the crew took the decision to buy a Nintendo Wii (whatever one of those is) for the crewroom. I've no idea why a chap would require anything other than a back copy of the 'Lifeboat Enthusiasts' newsletter or 'Land Rover Owners' magazine in order to while away the time. There you go, perhaps I'm getting old.


Anonymous said...

Old maybe.... but at least you're not retiring ;)


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, how many feet are there in a fathom?

lifeboatjohn said...

Quite Andy!

Anon...I know you're pulling my leg but I'm going to do a post on this!