Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Christmas shopping

Peter asked the following question:

Hi John,

Do you shop local for you’re day to day consumables for example smaller items like first aid kit refills mechanic Dave’s nuts and bolts or has the RNLI a central stores you can draw from?
If you source locally do Lifeboat stations have a station fund to cover this cost?


And the answer is yes, the RNLI does indeed have a central stores, indeed, it is a vast 'state of the art' logistics depot with a lot (someone please tell me exactly how many) of different items in it. So, when we need specific parts for our lifeboats (for example an ILB VHF aerial) or items which all stations use (such as RNLI flags) we order them from stores. However, many other items are bought locally. So, for example, the car wash which we use to clean the boats with after each launch is locally bought, as is the polish which Dave uses to keep the ALB looking sparkly. These are payed for out of central funds but bought locally. And then there are the items which we use but which aren't essential to lifesaving, such as tea and coffee for the boathouse, which are bought and payed for locally (normally out of the 'Crew-Fund').

So, if we need anything, Dave is the first port of call, he has a reputation for being pretty tight with things (perhaps a result of being a Yorkshireman - and a good thing for sure). If he agrees that the item needs ordering he will decide where it is to come from and either buy it or put in the order.


Mart said...

Sorry got to nit pick there John. Assuming the RNLI is similar in that respect to the Ambulance service. Tea and Coffee are definately life saving essentials!! Lol

Although sadly we also pay for our own at station level.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
The Swanage Lifeboat is number 12-23.
How does the RNLI number system work?