Wednesday, 18 June 2008

When the training pays off

Yesterday afternoon (while I was still at work) the ALB was launched to assist a lady who's husband had collapsed on the foredeck of their catamaran near Anvil point. The new Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 106 was also scrambled to assist. In very short order both were on scene and a rapid assessment of the casualty took place. He was unconscious and not breathing so CPR was begun while the Helo prepared to evacuate him as quickly as possible to hospital. Once he was on his way our crew stayed aboard the yacht which was taken to Swanage and put onto the lifeboat mooring. Once this was done the lady was brought ashore and taken by the coastguard to Poole hospital to be with her husband. Our thoughts are with them both.


Anonymous said...

hola amigo´! quĂ© tal? estoy mucho bien! adios amigo! hasta luego!

lifeboatjohn said...

Hola Amiga, estoy muy bien gracias! 'Ta luego.......Ciao Ciao bella!!