Monday, 9 June 2008

First 'proper' shout

At one minute to 11 yesterday young Ty began heading towards the boathouse for what was to become his first proper shout since joining the crew. At the time he didn't realise it. He probably imagined that once more he would be stood at the bottom of the stairs watching someone else get chosen. Not yesterday! Rob picked him and before he knew it he was on the way to Dancing Ledge to collect a broken down RIB. Not the most exciting of shouts but I know exactly how he must have felt. I wonder if he's still buzzing?

The good news of course is that there is an exercise on Wednesday and so he will an early opportunity to purchase us the customary pint!


Anonymous said...

Well done Taylan.

Mark R

Can Bass 1 said...

What an excellent tradition (the purchasing of pints, I mean, when chosen for the team). I shall suggest it to the Dean and Chapter.