Monday, 30 June 2008

Looking forward

So this is Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 106.

A short time ago it took over from 'Whiskey Bravo' as our local rescue helicopter. It is run under contract (an interim contract until 2012) to the MCA by CHC Scotia. It is a Westland AW 139 Helicopter and can apparently fly further and faster than it's predecessor (it has a range of over 1000km, a 5+ hour endurance and a top speed of 165 knots).

It has now got it's first few rescues under it's belt and is starting to spend time training with us lifeboat crews. Our first go will be during this Wednesdays exercise when we will spend some time training with it. I imagine that little will have changed...we steam roughly into the wind, they lower a crewman on a wire, he earths himself before landing onboard, he grabs his casualty and goes.

Sadly I won't be there as I have the usual end of term events to participate in at school. Never mind, only 4 more days until I'm free for the summer!!

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