Monday, 28 April 2008


Congratulations to Paul Savage. Another milestone has been reached with the production of this new 'ready reference' guide to first aid on Lifeboats.

It incorporates all of the new ideas from our training course over the winter and is designed to be carried by each first aider on the boat.It includes many blank form pages to be used to record casualty details during a shout and as such it expected that it will be used as a matter of course during first aid situations.

As you can see, each page is laid out clearly and guides a crew member through an incident. It uses the language from the course and will, I feel, be a huge help.

Well done Paul!


Mart said...

Looks like a really good resource. Congrats to Paul for getting it produced.

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Yes I agree think the cards would be a usefull resource in many situations, our son is a pool lifeguard, and we both work in care homes, and cards similar, adapted to work places would be a benefit, maybe an idea?
Best wishes to you and your crew