Thursday, 10 April 2008


So I've been away. Not just travelling the country but also heaving bit of a break from routine here at home. Hence no posts of late.

That's not to say that we've not been busy of course. Since returning from my sailing trip we've had an exercise and a couple of shouts.

Last night on the ALB we took our 3 'newbies' to sea for a taster of what we do. From left to right are Sam, Ty and Darren. All three keen as mustard and will no doubt prove their worth with time. Luckily for them we got a shout half way through the exercise so they got a bit of a buzz from that no doubt.

The ILB was out on exercise too and had Rob onboard so, for the second time in a week he got a shout on the ILB (not something he normally does).

Bizarrely the shout was to look for a young man suspected of trying to harm himself. Despite searching from the 'Western Mile Markers' to 'Chapman's Pool' we found nothing......not surprising really as it turned out he was in an altogether different part of the country (he was traced using his mobile phone signal I understand).

So, not sure how that one ended but we got to the pub in time for a pint.

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Mart said...

"So, not sure how that one ended but we got to the pub in time for a pint."

All's well that ends well!

Good to see you're back, best of luck to your Newbies, hope they get on ok and know what they've let themselves in for ;o)