Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Last April shout?

Over lunch time the ALB was launched in a hurry to attend a Motor yacht in trouble at Durlston head. As it happens I was here umpiring a cricket match so don't know the inside story. Here's the details from our website:

Crew: M. Steeden (Coxn), D. Turnbull, P. Elleray, G. Steeden, D. Lander, O. Clark, T. Mansell (TDI South)

Details: At 13:18 Portland Coastguard paged for an immediate launch of Swanage's All Weather Lifeboat. They had received a '999' call from the crew of a motorboat that had broken down near Durlston Head and was being blown towards the rocks. Nine minutes later the Lifeboat launched and headed for the casualty at full speed. As luck would have it an RNLI Training boat was in the area and they were standing by the casualty at the Southern end of Durlston Bay. Once on scene 2 Lifeboat crew were put aboard the stricken motorboat as one of their crew was suffering from seasickness and a tow needed to be rigged. With a towline connected the casualty was taken to the Lifeboat mooring in Swanage Bay. Once secured to the mooring Dave Turnbull, the Lifeboat's mechanic, had a look at the vessel's engines. They had both stopped at virtually the same time and the problem seemed to be dirty fuel. The system was bled and both engines started but after a short test run one stopped again and it was decided to leave the boat on the mooring until the fuel system could be properly cleaned. The 4 crew were then taken ashore aboard the Lifeboat.

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