Thursday, 18 August 2011

A special visitor

It's not every evening that we get the pleasure of the company of a hugely talented and renowned artist coming to sea with us, but, tonight, we had the real pleasure of Rebecca Lardner onboard as we acted as guard boat for the Swanage Sailing Club RNLI pennant race. Rebecca's paintings have, of course, been hugely popular for a long time and the Mulberry tree gallery in town sells much of her work. However, relatively recently she has become a favourite of the lifeboat crew due to her offering to paint a picture for us to raffle during lifeboat week.

Of course the painting is fantastic and we were keen to bring Rebecca down to the lifeboat house and, if possible, get her out on the is the way with these things, it has taken some time to arrange but from the look on Rebecca's face it was well worth the wait!

Indeed, she was a natural, she seemed very comfortable on the boat and even managed to perfect the steely 'woman against the elements' looks required of female lifeboat crew!

Rebecca: thanks for coming out with us and in particular, thanks for your magnificent painting...

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Unknown said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.