Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sometimes life ain't fair

So, over the last 10 days, our crew have spent many tens of hours busy fundraising and doing demonstrations to support the work that they do as volunteers for the RNLI. Imagine then, how gutting it was for Gav to be on his way home from the shout and the lifeboat service on Sunday only to have his bike stolen as he popped into a local shop to grab a pint of milk. Sometimes peoples selfishness and greed defies belief. A hard working volunteer out of pocket to the tune of £1600 just because someone else spotted an opportunity to profit.

So, if you have any information about this please get in touch with me or your local police. It is a relatively rare bike so it would actually be fairly hard to sell on. Please don't let this person get away with this. Thanks...


Nikki Harman said...

Gutted for him! I hope he gets it back.
For 10 months of the year the town is a safe and trustworthy place to live - the two busiest months of the year I find myself not being quite as lax.
Lifeboat week was fun, and it was great to have a look around the station, again, the kids loved it!

Ian said...

Would not leave my 'CUBE' for a second!