Monday, 12 April 2010

Oh deer...

Once again I was disturbed in the middle of my dinner (toad in the hole) and made my way quickly down to the boathouse (on the new 'Shout Bike') tonight.

Linda, this weeks DLA, explained that we were being launched to a report of a deer stranded on rocks in Durlston Bay. The ILB made it's way round quickly with our Senior Helm, Tom, in charge. Once on scene they went ashore and made an assessment and, after consulting with the RSPCA through Portland Coastguard, decided to guide the animal onto safe ground then leave it to it's own devices.

The boat arrived back just as it was gloaming so the photos I'm afraid are dreadful. Still, perhaps they capture something of a late evening recovery at springtime? For better photos have a look at Julian Sawyer's blog for something much better.

There is a fair old breeze blowing into the bay so it in fact looked quite bleak and uninviting out there.

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Becky said...

I think we have dinner telepathy, John - I'm pretty sure we were tucking into toad in the hole that night. I shall keep a tally ;-)