Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ex RNLB Gertrude

Friend Mike Streeter sent this photo over a few weeks ago and I've been meaning to post it ever since.

Hi John,

Found this old girl resting peacefully in Mevagissey on a recent visit to Cornwall. (I never seem to get to these harbours when there is any water in them!) The boat is "Gertrude" and at the time I was not sure what class of boat it is. Research has shown her to be a 46ft. Watson, and, apparently, one of the last open cockpit boats built. Later modified by having the windscreen removed and a wheel shelter added.

I can't find out much about her service life but she was stationed at Sheerness from 1970-1974, probably the end of her career. She was replaced by a 44ft. Waveney.

Hope all is well in the lifeboat world

Mike Streeter


Susan Payton said...

What an interesting blog. I really enjoyed visiting.

Anonymous said...

According to the 'Lifeboat Enthusiasts Handbook' ON847 "Gertrude" was indeed a 46' Watson, built in 1945. She saw service at the following stations:

Holy Island: 46-68
Exmouth: 68-70
Sheerness: 70-74
Relief: 74-80
Fowey: 80-81


charlie b said...

Nice to see "Gertrude" again,spent much time aboard her as a child,my dad the late Charlie Bowry was coxswain of "gertrude" at Sheerness and earned a bronze medal on one particular service with her."Gertrude" was by far my dads favourite boat with so much "character" and "charm" as he put it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed painting the decks on Gertrude in my holidays - Aaron Standish - AGE. (14)

Anonymous said...

Some of the history of Gertrude is told in the Nicholas Leach book chronicling the History of the Fowey Lifeboat.

Fowey was her last posting, before she retired in 1981. She has been in private ownership in Mevagissey ever since.