Thursday, 21 January 2010

Washing down

I can't remember ever posting any photos of us washing down the boat after an exercise or shout...I guess I must have, but somehow the memory escapes me! Anyway, typically we land on the slipway (well done Dan last night for a fine job done) and then as we are hauled up the lads/lasses on deck begin to wash down with hot soapy(car wash) water and sponges. Once that is done everything is hosed off with fresh water then the boat is hauled into the boathouse.

So, busy with the sponges last night were Nick...


And Dan...who for some reason seemed to be wearing the washing up water!

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Matthew Gibbons said...

must be quite a job to wash all of that down!

I'm not sure how your engines cool, is it by air, or are they water cooling, if so, do you 'rinse the engine' like I assume you do with your ILB?