Sunday, 22 November 2009

Safe home

Welcome home Gav and Deasy, a quick two days away but lots achieved. From a brief chat with Deasy it sounds as if they have had a memorable experience and achieved a great deal of good work...well done both of you and good to have you back safe and sound. I look forward to getting some photos and stories in due course.

I'm just back form a quick paddle in a blown out Swanage bay. The wind is dead offshore so the waves are clean but the gusts pretty unpleasant in the kayak...I quickly decided that discretion was the better part of valour and came home! Not so brave as the surfers who are still lined up there patiently waiting the perfect break.


mannanan said...

Yes well done to the two guys, excellent work. Rather you than me in a canoe. We were out on exercise this morning and it was quite lumpy in places.

joan said...

Hi John
Yes excellent work by your 2 crew colleagues.
The RNLI has proved its worth once again John, and think this must also highlight that this marvellous work is all done voluntary! and for people to support the invaluable work you all do, to keep our sea, beaches and inland safe,
I always ust the RNLI online shop for my cards etc and give their virtual gifts as presents to friends,
love joan from landlocked midlands