Saturday, 28 November 2009


Look closely at the photo and you will notice that both Becky and Steve are clipped onto the boat. Becky is attached using her harness line to the jackstay which runs along the starboard (and of course port) side of the wheelhouse of the boat. Meanwhile Steve is clipped to a similar jackstay which runs down the centre line of the foredeck. Using these it is possible to circumnavigate the entire deck in safety and while clipped on. In the sort of weather we have been having recently it has not been uncommon for crew to be clipped on while out of the wheelhouse.

For those of you interested in the pointless details of life, you might notice that Becky is wearing a pair of black boots...not a fashion statement, but simply the only pair of steel toe-capped wellington boots in the world which are small enough to fit her (and this particular brand don't make them in yellow). Dainty hey?!


Anonymous said...

It may be that this is where those boots came from but...

A Canal Restorer says: If you want Steel Toed Wellingtons in small
sizes we found that Milkmaids Boots were just the thing. Get them from
a Farm Suppliers.


Anonymous said...

John. A female member of our crew had to have a drysuit fitted with dainty black boots. For the same reason.
Excellent blog buddy, really enjoy following it. Next time I'm in Poole I'll try and nip along.

Matthew Gibbons said...

is the second comment says, we have someone with black boots on her drysuit at my station too, and when I go down to Poole for my D-class intro course, I'll try to pop along too!

lifeboatjohn said...

Good to hear from you guys, you are very welcome to come over when you are around, poke your nose in the boathouse or drop an e-mail.

Was up in North Berwick last Easter Mathew, paddled from the beach out to Bass rock then down to Belhaven in my kayak, good fun!

Keep safe.