Sunday, 5 February 2012


Every once in a while we have a photograph taken of the crew. Boathouses around the country are full of this sort of thing...mostly sepia toned photographs of men in flat caps and wooly jumpers from the days when men were men and lifeboats had oars.

Today we had a new one taken as there have been many changes to the crew since our last one. Paul(Shilo), one of our resident photographers, generally takes ours and, while he is a great photographer (and excellent gardener), he finds herding lifeboat crew a challenge!

However, despite the freezing cold wind, in a pretty short space of time, he had us licked into some sort of shape and the deed was done. Hopefully it will come out well and, in years to come, we will look back at it and reflect on the crew we were in and the experiences shared.

Incidentally, somewhere in the back row is hidden Gav's lovely young son Harry. We didn't know where else to put him while Kim was pulling the trigger on the camera, so, we hid him behind one or two of the larger crew (I won't mention who!)

All good...

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