Thursday, 24 December 2009

In defence of the realm

And in February Skid was off the North East coast on a trip onboard HMS Ark Royal. This was a jolly, but one that was intended to foster an greater understanding between the Navy and the RNLI. Needless to say Skid enjoyed every minute of his trip and came home with lots of tall stories and some great photos. Later on in the year we had a number of chances to work with the military, both helping them out with a spot of bother and also conducting rescues jointly with them.

Come June the new boss of the RNLI was announced as Vice Admiral Paul Boissier Royal Navy. He has now taken over from Andrew Freemantle as the Chief Executive (happened at the end of September) of the Institution. I understand that he will be coming to sea with us in the new year on exercise which will be fun. I will let you know all about it when it happens!

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