Monday, 5 October 2009

Lifeboats 365

I have mentioned recently to a few folk that I had a new idea for a blog which I was mulling over. Over the summer I got a fair number of photos from tourists, friends and other people involved with lifeboats which they thought might find a place on this blog. Having given this some thought, I've decided that I would like to keep the Lifeboat Scrapbook fairly exclusively about our crew and boat in Swanage but create a space for a more collaborative blog about lifeboats and maritime lifesaving in general. Here is my first attempt, if you would like to contribute (and there will only be any content if you do) then please e-mail me at remember to include both photos and pictures which I do not intend to edit unless absolutely necessary.


Will said...

A great idea John (especially as I was one of those who sent you pix! I was wondering when they might appear.) Hope you get lots of response - but don't neglect the regular blog (and everything else you've got to do!)

Mart said...

Fantastic idea John, look forward to reading both on here and the new blog