Sunday, 19 July 2009

Needle in a Haystack

At around 18.45 this evening we were paged to go round towards Anvil Point lighthouse to search for a Dog which had fallen over the cliff. The weather has been pretty fresh for the last few days so it was no surprise to find that it was pretty lumpy around the back side of the cliffs.

On this sort of job our presence is primarily required in case the Coastguard Cliff team choose to go over the cliff edge to recover the casualty. In these sort of conditions there is little we can do for a dog as conditions were too rough at the base of the cliff to make it prudent to even attempt to put any men ashore (of course...had the casualty been a person things might have been different).

In the circumstances we saw nothing of the dog and after a very thorough search using Mk1 eyeballs and binoculars saw no sign of the poor animal.

So, once the cliff team had had a final look over the edge we returned home for a good washdown and then off home in the hope that the Sunday roast was in the oven still and not in the bin.

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CG said...

Thanks to the crew for their assistance yesterday; it looked a bit fresh down there! I know the owners were very grateful.