Tuesday 15 May 2007

Three Best Lifeboat Things

1. Standing on the upper steering position and helming the lifeboat in rough weather; sheets of water shoot down your neck, it's hard to stand up but somehow you feel in control, safe and so very alive.
2. The look of relief on a casualties face as you lift them on board. For that brief moment you have a glimpse into another persons soul as it's laid bare before you.
3. To have around you a team of people who care; for you, for others, for each other, about having fun, about giving without counting the cost and living life to the full.


Clare said...

Thank you for 3BTing; and thank you for taking care of those in peril on the sea.

lifeboatjohn said...

No, thank you Clare for the inspiration.....I like the idea of triplets! I may do some more.



Alison Wormald said...

thankyou for sharing the fun and positive aspects of your work on the lifeboats. I found your site through a link on Clare's 3BTs. We may visit your station when in Bournemouth in June to pick our son up from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth (He's studying Animation - are there any Lifeboat Animations?)Will donate as well. Many thanks
Alison and family

lifeboatjohn said...


thanks for that, glad you liked it, there is another TBT type post here:


I don't know of any lifeboat animations, wold your son like to do one for us?!